With a total of 28 outlets in the USA, Brazil, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, and since autumn 2015 also in Germany, Eataly is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing and most successful catering and retail companies.

Eataly combines catering and retail elements to create a unique offering: authentic, high-quality Italian cuisine and food that customers can taste and enjoy in-store, and take home with them. Visitors can pick up new ideas and take time to go shopping – just like in a department store.

Eataly reduces the distribution chain to a bare minimum, creating direct links between producers and retailers and cutting out middlemen.

Its main aim is to increase the proportion of people who eat healthily, select high-quality Italian products and pay attention to the origin of the ingredients and the way they are processed.

As Eataly’s credo goes: life is too short to not eat well. The company is expanding year-by-year and generated revenue of around EUR 400 million in 2014.