With ten million offers a day and over ten million customers, Hood.de is currently one of Germany’s largest online marketplaces. The company, founded by online pioneer Ryan Hood in 1999 and launched in 2000, offers both private and commercial interested parties an opportunity to set up a free membership account and post items for sale. In June of 2017, SIGNA Retail acquired 70 percent of Hood.de. The remaining shares are held by Ryan Hood, who runs Hood.de independently.


Ryan Hood

Ryan Hood

Ryan Hood founded Hood.de in 1999 and is the CEO of the current Hood Media GmbH. He has been active in the precursors of the Internet since 1990 and founded his first BBS online platform in 1992.

Private sellers or professional retailers with their own webshop – at Hood.de, every seller is welcome. Retailers can open their own webshop on Hood.de, a so-called ‘Hood shop’. Hood.de offers a number of store solutions with a wide range of services. Offers can be presented as buy-it-now, optionally with a negotiation function, auction, power auction, Dutch auction and in one’s own Hood shop.

Strong partnerships with leading companies in the industry enable Hood.de customers to handle product listings, manage inventories and process transactions in a highly efficient, professional manner way. Hood.de offers interfaces to leading payment and shipping service providers as well as store systems and administration solutions.