In spring 2017, SIGNA Sports Group, through its subsidiary internetstores, entered into a partnership with Probikeshop, the leading online bike retailer in Southern Europe and France, to become the largest online bike retailer in continental Europe.


Olivier Rochon

Olivier Rochon

In 2005, after having worked as an independent international trade consultant for companies in the electronics and household goods sectors, Olivier Rochon decided to embark upon a new career in e-commerce. His focus was cycling, mountain biking in particular, seeing a gap in the French market. This led to the establishment of Probikeshop in late 2005.

internetstores has acquired 100% of Probikeshop shares. With this step, SIGNA Sports Group has continued on its path towards multichannel dominance in the sports retail sector. Migros Genossenschaftsbund [Cooperative] and Probikeshop’s founder, Olivier Rochon, have sold their shares. Olivier Rochon has become a shareholder in internetstores. Probikeshop is the leading online bike retailer in France and Southern Europe.

This fusion of internetstores with Probikeshop has created the leading online bike and outdoor platform in continental Europe with 35 online shops in 12 languages in 14 countries. It has resulted in considerable synergies and growth potential across the entire value chain, – and has leveraged the perfect regional fit between internetstores and Probikeshop. In the full bike area, it will be one of the largest online retailers in the world.

The company’s founder, Olivier Rochon, has remained as CEO of Probikeshop and has continued to lead the development of the company, which was founded in 2005 in St. Etienne, France, and its 170 employees.

The unique entrepreneurial culture that all of SIGNA Sports Group’s units have in common will further accelerate the Group’s growth, momentum and innovative power.
The transaction with Probikeshop clearly demonstrates how consistently SIGNA is driving the strategic online orientation of its retail investments. In the sports sector, SIGNA Sports Group, together with Karstadt Sports, OUTFITTER, internetstores and Tennis-Point, is the clear market leader in Germany, and with Probikeshop, is also one of the leading multichannel sports retailers in Europe.