In one of the best shopping areas of Berlin, SIGNA is developing the department store property known as “Karstadt Hermannplatz” at the Hermannplatz in the Kreuzberg/Neukölln district into one of the largest inner city shopping centres. Modern residential and office spaces will also be built. The current tenant, Karstadt, will play a central role in this development.

At the time the department store was built in 1929, it was the largest department store on the European continent, with a floor space of 72,000 m² spanning seven floors. At the end of World War II, parts of the building were destroyed. From 1950 onwards, these parts were successively rebuilt, though not entirely.

The “Karstadt Hermannplatz” department store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg/Neukölln area is a special kind of project development. The aim is to develop a lively, mixed-use district for all Berlin residents and their visitors.

SIGNA wants to use this project to create a place of diversity. The new Karstadt store lies at the heart of this area, which means that its function as a local shopping supply will continue to be a central aspect of the building. The current department store concept will be revised and adapted to current trends (e.g. online trade). This will allow Karstadt to be prepared for the future. Its employees will continue to be offered secure jobs in future.

Aside from Karstadt, additional areas will be created that will enable a wide variety of offers to address the everyday needs of the people – such as sales areas, affordable apartments, day-care centres and premises for local initiatives and associations, social facilities or a multi-cultural medical centre. A lively variety of utilisations enhances Karstadt’s attractiveness and provides an opportunity to meet the acute needs of the area and the growing city, allowing a place of diversity to emerge. The design of the new building, based on 1920s architecture, is a unique opportunity to give Karstadt and its surroundings an identity-creating architecture.