The “Karstadt Hermannplatz” department store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Neukölln districts is a special kind of project development. The aim is to develop a lively, mixed-use district for all Berlin residents and visitors.

At the time the department store was built in 1929, it was the largest department store on the European continent, with a floor space of 72,000 square metres distributed across seven floors. At the end of World War II, parts of the building were destroyed. From 1950 onwards, these parts were successively rebuilt, though not entirely.

In the new district, services and local amenities with Karstadt will remain a central component. Areas for offices, apartments, sports and local institutions such as clubs or social facilities will also be created. Public utilisations such as a large market hall, a roof terrace accessible to all and cultural events will make the district a place for everyone. A future-oriented mobility concept will ensure an improved quality of life around Hermannplatz, making it a more welcoming place to stay as well as pass through.

For visitors who want to enjoy the view over Berlin while having a coffee, there will be a spacious roof terrace – just like in the old Karstadt Hermannplatz.