The property at “Mariahilfer Strasse 32 & 34” is located in one of the most highly frequented sections of the “MaHi”, between the Gerngross department store and the fashion house of Peek & Cloppenburg. The MaHi is regarded as one of the most significant shopping streets in Austria.

The building itself has a direct access to the underground railway network (Neubaugasse Station, U3 Line). The areas on the ground floor are leased to a number of retailers, and those on the upper storeys to various different office tenants. One part of the building, with access to the Lindengasse, is leased to the NH-Hotels hotel chain. In addition to this, the property is provided with 45 parking spaces, and, as the only property in the section of the Mariahilfer Strasse dedicated to shopping centres, has a direct link to the Lindengasse, which runs parallel to the MaHi.

The property is particularly striking due to its central location within the new strolling zone, its adjacent “star attractions” Peek & Cloppenburg and Gerngross, and its proximity to Vienna’s Inner City. Besides this, the property enjoys excellent public transport connections, with direct access to the underground railway network and a stop for the 13A bus route, linking the building with Vienna’s new main railway station.

Individual transport is well connected to the regional and cross-regional road network, on the one hand by Vienna’s Gürtel, the city’s orbital main road and, on the other, by the Ringstrasse, the Inner City’s ring road. In addition to its own parking spaces, the building also has numerous public parking facilities within easy reach.