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SIGNA Real Estate is committed to responsible corporate management. As one of Europe’s major real estate investors, SIGNA Real Estate follows the principle of sustainable development. In addition to economic interests, environmental and social aspects are systematically taken into account in SIGNA’s business decisions and value-creation processes. Economic success, integrity and social responsibility are equivalent goals for SIGNA Real Estate.


Climate change, steadily increasing urbanisation, and social and economic changes constitute the major challenges of our time. SIGNA Real Estate confronts them with a responsible approach. The company’s sustainability strategy focuses on promoting sustainable construction methods and buildings. Natural resources are conserved, CO2 emissions reduced and negative environmental consequences kept to a minimum.

With its urban development projects and cohesive mixed-use concepts, the real estate group designs residential, living and working spaces for everyone’s benefit. The aim is to keep the properties in the portfolio over the long term, to maintain their value stability and to continue to develop the properties to safeguard their future.

Participatory and inclusive communication with tenants, business partners, investors and local communities is of central importance. Only a fair and cooperative relationship with the stakeholders can ensure sustainable success in dealing with new strategic challenges and opportunities – all under the premise of integrity, transparency and reliability.


As one of Europe’s major real estate companies, SIGNA follows the principle of sustainable, future-proof development. SIGNA’s board of directors ensures that this principle is firmly embedded in the company’s strategy, management and day-to-day activities.
The project and asset managers implement the guidelines for existing projects as well as projects in development with regard to ecological construction methods and utilisations that retain the property’s value for all stakeholders, all while taking into account architectural quality, financial solidity and specific project conditions.

SIGNA Real Estate has been implementing sustainability issues in its business model for years now, and it takes sustainable development principles into account in all its projects. As part of a structured process, sustainability aspects were systematically recorded and ranked by importance for the business areas of the two real estate groups, SIGNA Prime Selection AG and SIGNA Development Selection AG, in 2019.

This materiality analysis was used to define three overarching areas of activity to achieve sustainability:

materiality analysis



The “Sustainable Buildings" category plays a huge role to a real estate company. In the Paris Climate Accord, it was agreed to limit global warming to well below two degrees Celsius by 2030 as compared to 1990. As a partner of cities and local authorities, SIGNA Real Estate naturally takes active responsibility for protecting the climate and the environment.


A company’s success is based on all its employees. As an “Attractive Employer", SIGNA supports its employees with systematic, ongoing personnel work as well as training and further education measures. Equal opportunities and diversity are also provided in the workplace.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

The essential aspects of sustainable “Corporate Governance and Compliance" at SIGNA Real Estate are integrity, responsibility, fairness, compliance and transparency. They form the basis of the company’s long-term success as well as an ethical compass in dealing with each other and with business partners.

Sustainability strategy
“Our sustainable SIGNAture 2025”

Within the framework of “Our sustainable SIGNAture 2025”, SIGNA Real Estate has defined a holistic sustainability strategy for the three action areas of Sustainable Buildings, Attractive Employer, and Corporate Governance and Compliance. This applies to all companies assigned to SIGNA Real Estate.

Further information about the goals, measures, and KPIs for SIGNA Prime Selection AG and SIGNA Development Selection AG are available here.



Sustainability Reports

Additional information on SIGNA Real Estate’s activities can be found in the 2020 Sustainability Reports of SIGNA Prime Selection AG and SIGNA Development Selection AG.





SIGNA Real Estate supports the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for corporate responsibility. SIGNA Prime Selection AG and SIGNA Development Selection AG have joined the United Nations’ alliance of values. The companies are committed to the implementation of ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and climate as well as the fight against corruption.

UN Global Compact

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Head of ESG Strategy & Sustainable Finance
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