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Germany’s second-largest sports equipment retailer

Karstadt Sports is one of Germany’s leading sportswear and equipment retailers, and operates stores at 28 city-centre locations. Acquired by SIGNA in autumn 2013, Karstadt Sports’ efforts are currently focused on extending the business’s successful development, leveraging its potential and driving forward the expansion process.

Karstadt sportsManagement

Thomas Wanke

Thomas Wanke

Thomas Wanke, born in 1961, has been CEO of Karstadt Sports since October 2017. Previously he held the position of Chief Retail Sales Officer of Karstadt Warenhaus from mid of 2013. He has an in-depth knowledge of the fashion market. In his positions at P&C, Adler Modemärkte and Charles Vögele he also gained expertise in the field of home textiles. His focus has always laid in the development of sales, especially in the improvement of sales and service orientation as well as the increase of employee motivation.

Jens Dunkel

Jens Dunkel

Jens Dunkel has been the Head of Purchasing at Karstadt Sports since October 2017. The experienced retail manager looks back on a long-standing career in the German retail sector. He previously held various management positions at Aldi Nord. He was part of the management team at Penny. In the last few years, he was Managing Director of coop eG responsible for purchasing and category management and played a major role in the reshaping process and the cooperation between of coop eG and the Rewe Group.

There is certainly cause for optimism: the sports and leisure industry is set to record above-average annual growth in the next few years, and consumer spending on health and wellness is rising sharply. Karstadt Sports’ strategy is geared towards offering top-quality products and services in all categories for urban customers, participants in team sports and the increasing number of female customers.

The company’s key assets are its brands, a clearly structured range comprising team sports, running/hiking and outdoor product categories, as well as a high level of consumer confidence in the brand.

This is complemented by an excellent portfolio of prime locations that is due to be expanded further, outstanding knowledge of the customer base and an experienced management team.

A year after the spin-off of Karstadt Warenhaus from Karstadt Sports, the sports equipment retailer took another important step on its way to becoming Germany’s number one sports retailer. The Karstadt Sports Online Shop has been online since October 2016. Thus, Karstadt Sports offers the best brand products at the best price to its clients not only in the 28 branches in prime inner city locations but also in the new online shop.