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Leading multi-channel online retailer in sports business and full-service provider for team sports and corporate fashion in Germany

In spring 2016, SIGNA Retail took the next important step towards becoming an integrated retail business: In a move designed to unlock even stronger online growth potential, the company acquired a majority interest in OUTFITTER, the leading multi-channel retailer in sports business. Ron Berger, OUTFITTER’s founder and former sole shareholder will remain a major shareholder and is actively involved as consultant in order to promote further growth.


Maximilian Albert

Maximilian Albert

Maximilian Albert, born in 1986, has been Managing Director of OUTFITTER GmbH since May 2017. After earning his degree in marketing and finances at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Mr. Albert launched his career at one of SIGNA’s current subsidiaries, dress-for-less. There he progressed through a number of positions in the sectors of online marketing and e-commerce, up to the level of head of department. In terms of content, his focus was on automating and in-housing of online marketing and shop management. In 2013 he became a member of the Google consulting team, and took charge of major retail clients such as Douglas, Thalia and Roller, in particular in the sectors of omni-channel retailing and mobile commerce. Later he moved to the Branding department, and, among other areas of responsibility, acted as advisor to clients such as L’Oréal in digital brand development and in e-commerce, as well as in the field of digitalisation as a whole.

OUTFITTER’s strong online presence and the excellent position in Germany’s bricks-and-mortar retail segment of SIGNA Retail’s subsidiary Karstadt Sports, create an outstanding basis for a strategic partnership. The companies’ expert management teams and young, energetic employees with a passion for sports are instrumental in capitalising on the strengths of each business and the synergies between them.

In order to achieve sustainable future success the online and bricks-and-mortar businesses will be tightly integrated. With the acquisition of OUTFITTER SIGNA Retail can quickly realize this goal in the sports goods business. Additionally, SIGNA Retail gains further strengths in the growth segment sports as well as strong competence in logistics and processes for its online business.