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Multi-use-development P1 – Berlin SIGNA gives go-ahead for the flagship project

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SIGNA has begun demolition works on the KaDeWe footbridge and multistorey car park on Passauer Street, kicking off the new P1 development project. In place of the multistorey car park, SIGNA is developing a mixed-use building designed to make the most of the available space.

The development starts with a ground-floor pedestal extending across the entire length of the site on Passauer Street 1–3. On top of this pedestal, one building will be built along the street side matching the height of the existing perimeter block development. At the centre of the site, SIGNA plans to erect a twelve-storey high-rise at the same height as the nearby KaDeWe department store, featuring green roofs that can in part be used as roof terraces. Below ground, a five-storey car park will offer KaDeWe customers more than 400 parking spaces. The builders plan to start excavating the site this summer, an undertaking that promises to be truly “ground-breaking”: at 20 metres in depth, it will be Berlin’s deepest excavation.

The new building will have roughly 20,000 m² of lettable space for a variety of commercial units. The ground floor, first floor and first basement level are designated as retail space, while all of the upper floors will house offices. Customers will enter the ground-floor retail stores directly from the street.

Prior to closing the car park and KaDeWe footbridge, SIGNA unveiled a temporary video and sound installation in January 2019. The installation was designed by the Berlin-based Mader Wiermann studio and allowed viewers to see the footbridge in an entirely new light. The footbridge façade on Tauentzien Street, where large billboards used to direct customers from the car park to the renowned department store, displayed a five-minute film every evening for the entire month of January. Focusing on visuals from the building trade – SIGNA’s way of announcing the impending demolition of the KaDeWe car park – the film showed a series of animations with enormous drills, excavators, wrecking balls and dump trucks.