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SIGNA Prime Selection

SIGNA Prime Selection

Institutional investors expand the circle of shareholders

Since its founding in 2010 with, at that time, six properties in the value of around € 750 million, SIGNA Prime Selection AG (SIGNA Prime) has developed into one of the largest real estate  companies in Europe’s prime locations with trophy assets in major cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Vienna. The large majority of these extraordinary real estate objects remains in the ownership of SIGNA Prime in the long term.

The company further supplements its real estate investments on an ongoing basis with acquisitions and projects in top locations with high appreciation potential. The portfolio of SIGNA Prime includes landmark buildings such as the KaDeWe and the UPPER WEST Tower in Berlin, as well as the Oberpollinger and the Alte Akademie in Munich and the Goldene Quartier in Vienna with the Park Hyatt Hotel. The SIGNA Prime portfolio includes top objects of the Kaufhof portfolio such as the Galeria Kaufhof on Alexanderplatz in Berlin and on the Zeil in Frankfurt as well as the Carsch House in Düsseldorf.

The continuous participation of respected investors as shareholders of SIGNA Prime Selection AG underscores the dynamic growth trajectory and enhances the international perception of the SIGNA Group. At this point, SIGNA Prime has a highly diversified circle of shareholders with great financial power, excellent reputations and long-term perspectives. In 2019, two additional international investors came on board as long-term shareholders of SIGNA Prime.

In the summer of 2019, the Société Foncière, Financière et de Participations (FFP), an investment company listed at Paris’s Euronext that is majority-owned by the Peugeot family, as well as the global real estate investment company Madison International Realty joined as shareholders. Both companies have acquired a share of 5 % each in SIGNA Prime. The transferred SIGNA Prime shares were previously owned by majority shareholder SIGNA Holding GmbH.

Robert Peugeot, CEO of FFP, commented on this investment as follows: “FFP invests in concordance with its investment strategy alongside an exceptional entrepreneur who has set up a corporate group with high-grade asset values with an attractive development potential. This new investment will double FFP’s share in the real estate sector and at the same time represents a new positioning in a strong economic area.” Matthias Cordier, Managing Director of Madison, explained: “This transaction is an excellent match for our strategy, since we are making a firstclass investment in one of Europe’s most important and attractive real estate portfolios. SIGNA Prime not only comprises numerous extremely high-quality real estate with a stable long-term cashflow in our most important European target markets, but at the same time it also offers appreciation potential through rent adjustments and a number of opportunities to increase the value through developments and renovations.”