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As one of the largest real estate companies in Europe, SIGNA Real Estate carries great social responsibility. We aim to create sustainable buildings, and thus places to live, work, and experience that provide answers to sustainability issues. Our business is built on the principles of creating lasting value and preserving extraordinary buildings for the long term. Environmental, social, and societal factors play as important a role as economic considerations in our business decisions and processes.


SIGNA has been incorporating sustainability issues into its business model for many years now. As the owner and developer of buildings that define cityscapes, we are part of society. We are well aware of the obligation this entails. Four strategic action areas summarizing the material topics for SIGNA have been defined on the basis of detailed analyses.



Information on SIGNA’s sustainability activities can be found in the reports of SIGNA Prime Selection AG and SIGNA Development Selection AG.

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Carbon footprint

The comprehensive presentation of emissions forms the basis for a long-term decarbonization strategy. Last year, the focus was on preparing the first corporate carbon footprint (CCF) for SIGNA Prime and SIGNA Development based on the 2021 fiscal year. A CCF provides information on the total greenhouse gas emissions, expressed as CO2 equivalents, for which a company is responsible across its value chain.

The following documents include information on the sound scientific methodology based on recognized standards that was used to calculate our corporate carbon footprint.


SIGNA has been incorporating sustainability issues into its business model for several years now, and takes sustainable development principles into account in all its projects.

The “Our sustainable SIGNAture” sustainability strategy, which includes targets and measures for activities in the area of ESG by 2025, has been defined on the basis of the material topics.

More information on this can be found in the publications on ESG strategy as well as at SIGNA Prime and SIGNA Development.


Sustainable Finance

As part of our sustainability activities, SIGNA supports the European Union’s action plan on sustainable growth to accelerate the transition of the EU economy to a greener and more resilient circular economy.


SIGNA Real Estate is a member of various initiatives in the sustainability space that are committed to the environment, climate, economy, and society. Our involvement in these initiatives underscores the company’s clear commitment to responsible governance.

The UN Global Compact supports companies in aligning their activities with a sustainable and inclusive future. SIGNA Real Estate is committed to implementing ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, workplace standards, the environment and climate, as well as anti-corruption.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) are a joint initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact aimed at promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women in business. In addition to WEP, SIGNA Real Estate is also a member of the UN Target Gender Equality Initiative, a UN Global Compact accelerator program.

respACT — austrian business council for sustainable development — is Austria’s leading business platform on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development. The council supports its members to achieve ecological and social goals independently and economically.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative designed to promote respect for all members of society, regardless of gender, age, origin and skin color, sexual orientation, religion and world view, or physical or mental disability.


Our policies on the topics of sustainability, environment and energy as well as health and safety provide an in-depth view of our comprehensive commitments in terms of responsible corporate governance.

Natalie Wierzbicki

Natalie Wierzbicki
Head of ESG Strategy & Sustainable Finance
+43 1 532 9848 2943

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